Campaign Objectives
1. Heighten the awareness of the new FCS branded logo plug. Raise awareness of counterfeit plugs in the market place
2. Drive traffic to the mini-site. (
3. Highlight our international stable of team riders
• We launched the campaign with a series of print Adverts that connected the team rider with the branded plug. We also developed an Ad targeted to Industry magazines.
• A video heavy mini-site that gives each team rider the opportunity to outline their reasons for choosing to ride the FCS system. (
• A series of digital elements to promote the campaign including: EDM's, banner Ads, Google re-marketing Ads and video shorts.
• A series of point of sales elements including: shirts, sticker packs, caps, window stickers, lightboxes and custom branded fin keys. Lastly we distributed branded packing tape for the industry to use in their warehouses.
Executive Producer: Drew Quinnell
Campaign Visual Direction / Design: Josh Secomb
Illustration / Design: Adam Ventress
Copy Writing / Directing: Richie Lovett
Photography / Editing: Pete Crump
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