Genuine FCS Campaign

An integrated campaign aimed at heightening awareness of counterfeit FCS products.

Campaign Objectives
1. Heighten the awareness of the new FCS branded logo plug. Raise awareness of counterfeit plugs in the market place
2. Drive traffic to the mini-site. (
3. Highlight our international stable of team riders
• We launched the campaign with a series of print Adverts that connected the team rider with the branded plug. We also developed an Ad targeted to Industry magazines.
• A video heavy mini-site that gives each team rider the opportunity to outline their reasons for choosing to ride the FCS system. (
• A series of digital elements to promote the campaign including: EDM's, banner Ads, Google re-marketing Ads and video shorts.
• A series of point of sales elements including: shirts, sticker packs, caps, window stickers, lightboxes and custom branded fin keys. Lastly we distributed branded packing tape for the industry to use in their warehouses.
Executive Producer: Drew Quinnell
Campaign Visual Direction / Design: Josh Secomb
Illustration / Design: Adam Ventress
Copy Writing / Directing: Richie Lovett
Photography / Editing: Pete Crump
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